The future of deliveries: Why e-bikes are eclipsing all other forms of transport

In the rapidly evolving world of delivery, traditional means of transportation are being challenged by innovative alternatives. Among these, electric bicycles (E-Bikes) have emerged as a compelling option for efficient and environmentally friendly deliveries. In this article, we will explore why E-Bikes outshine other vehicles such as regular bikes, mopeds and cars when it comes to making deliveries.
In a rapidly evolving world where technology is at the heart of innovation, CYCLE is thrilled to announce a collaboration with IoT Ventures, a move that promises to transform the way we manage our E-Bike fleet. This partnership represents a major leap forward in enhancing safety, operational efficiency, and security for our customers and partners.
Pollution in urban areas has far-reaching effects on our health and the environment. However, individuals can make a difference by making minor changes in their daily lives. This blog post presents five simple steps that everyone can take to help reduce pollution in the city and create a cleaner and healthier environment.
For decades, owning things has been the norm in Germany. The idea of buying and owning goods is deeply embedded in the German psyche and their understanding of consumption.

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